Our Business School has a rich history and it’s the Centre within the University of Extremadura that has grown the most, not only quantitatively but also with regards to the number of students. Our Centre has increased its figures from 1,255 students in 1991, to 3,574 students this academic year. This last figure represents 15% of all the students in our University.

Students can choose from three different first Degree programs, designed according to the new structures for the university education under the will of the European States, to create a single European Higher Education Space. This Space signifies the convergence under the field of education within Europe.

Furthermore, our Centre offers three double-first Degree programs and four post-graduate qualifications (Master’s Degrees).

In addition, a new project has begun in which some subjects are being lectured in English. The purpose of this project is not only lecturing various subjects within the current Degree programs through the medium of English, but also to create an Administration and Business Management Degree that would be taught exclusively in English.

Academic Offer.

First Degrees.

– Degree in Administration and Business Management: Is meant for those whose job prospects are geared towards self-employment, starting up their own businesses, or fulfilling a medium/high management position in the public or private sector, where taking business decisions would be essential.


Degree in Economics:

Trains professionals that will be capable of managing the available resources and ensuring their best use and correct distribution, administration and management inside the enterprises, as well as raising the standards of living, progress and social welfare.

This Degree not only provides a technical background, but also boosts team work and communication skills.


Degree in Labour Relations and Manpower (Labour Sciences): Since it’s launch, this Degree has been defined by the different perspectives and analysis from which it studies the labour situation. This is shown by the wide range of knowledge areas involved in this degree, ranging from legal and economic areas to areas of enterprise, psychology, sociology, history, …


Double-first Degrees.

Double-first Degrees allow students to obtain two first Degrees at the same time. Students must study many subjects in each academic year. In these cases, the curriculum lasts for 5 years instead of 4 like in a single first degree.

Once the students have finished a double-first degree, he/she obtains two diplomas, wherein the two Degrees in the double-first Degree are certified.

In general, First Degrees have 10 subjects per year, while double-first Degrees have 10 subjects during the first academic year but 12 subjects during the other 4 years.

Administration and Business Management – Law:

As well as proficiency in Administration and Business Management skills, this double-first Degree provides students with a juridical profile. Students acquire basic skills about Public and Private Law. As professionals, they will be capable of performing legal advice tasks in private companies. They can also concur to different competitions (notary, registry offices, judicature, prosecution, county clerks, administrative attorneys, …).

This Degree also allows students to freely exercise a liberal profession (law, procures, private administrative agencies, …) as well as giving them basic knowledge in research and methodology inside the legal sphere.


Administration and Business Management – Economics: Provides proficiency both in Administration and Business Management and Economics skills.


Administration and Business Management – Labour Relations and Manpower: Provides proficiency both in Administration and Business Management and Labour Relations and Manpower skills.


Post-graduates’ qualifications (Master’s Degrees).

University Master’s Degree in Economics, Management and International Trade: Provides the students with the basic skills to investigate in Economics, Management and International Trade areas.

It’s the prior step to writing the doctoral Thesis, providing access to the UEx PhD programs.


University Research Master’s Degree in Social and Legal Sciences (Economics, Labour and Entrepreneurship): Provides the students with the basic skills to do high value research.

It’s the prior step to writing the doctoral Thesis, providing access to the UEx PhD programs. This University Research Master’s Degree has been designed for graduates with a first university degree, or any equivalent officially-recognized qualification, always in the same branch of knowledge.


University Master’s Degree in Enterprise Creation and Innovation: This Master’s Degree is the answer to the regional aims of achieving a transformation of the production model, stressing innovation and enterprise creation, to obtain high value added goods and services.


University Master’s Degree in Marketing Management: This Master’s Degree is designed for those who search for an advanced training in marketing management and market research, to carry out jobs connected with the commercial function and/or market research, or even to develop an entrepreneurial project.

Students may specialize in one of the three branches offered: Communication, Marketing Applications and Trade/Sales.


Courses in english

Advance: 11 courses. Fully in english

  • Business administration i – autumn – 500010. Administración de empresas i
  • Business administration ii – spring – 500015. Administración de empresas ii
  • Commercial law – autumn – 500012. Derecho mercantil
  • Financial accounting – spring – 500005. Contabilidad financiera i
  • Human resource management – autumn – 500022. Dirección de recursos humanos
  • Labour economics – autumn – 500317. Economía laboral
  • Macroeconomics – spring- Macroeconomía
  • Marketing management ii – autumn – 500034. Dirección comercial ii
  • Spanish economy – autumn – 500427. Economía española
  • Statisctics and introduction to econometrics – autumn – 500013. Estadística e introducción a la econometría
  • World economy – autumn – 500416. Economía mundial


Intermediate: 6 courses. Lectures in spanish. Materials, tutorials and exams may be provided in english

  • Family business management- autumn– 500035. Economía de la empresa familiar
  • Financial accounting iii – spring- Contabilidad financiera iii
  • Introduction to statistics – spring– 500007. Introducción a la estadística
  • Macroeconomics iii – spring- Macroeconomía iii
  • Microeconomics – autumn – 500004. Microeconomía
  • Public economics i – spring– 500422. Economía del sector público i


Basic: 10 courses. Lectures in spanish. Materials, tutorials and exams may be provided in english

  • Administrative law- spring– 500304 – derecho administrativo
  • Business creation in a global scope (master level) – spring– 401880. Creación de empresas en un ámbito global
  • Human resource management ii- spring– 500323. Gestión de los recursos humanos ii
  • Introduction to accounting – spring– 503062. Introducción a la contabilidad
  • New business models (master level) – spring – 401856. Nuevos modelos de negocios
  • Characteristics and skills of entrepreneur (master level) – autumn – 401854. Características y habilidades del emprendedor
  • Econometrics i – spring– 500420. Econometría i
  • Econometrics ii – autumn – 500425. Econometría ii
  • Financial accounting i (grrll y rrhh) – spring – 500005. Contabilidad financiera i. Rrhh
  • Research in international trade relationship (master level) – autumn- Investigación en relaciones de comercio internacional
  • Dean
PhD Julián Ramajo Hernández
E-Mail: dircentceye@unex.es
Phone: 924 28 93 64 
– Office number: 137
  • Vice-Dean, Academic Planning
PhD María del Carmen Pineda González
E-Mail: vcdecaorg@unex.es
Phone: 89153 – 89511 
– Office number: 133
  • Scheduling the school year and exam calendar.
  • Teachers’ time and attendance control.
  • Students’ groups selection and monitoring.
  • Classroom communications technology monitoring. Facilities maintenance.
  • Information guide development.
  • Vice-Dean, Teaching Coordination and Quality
PhD Francisco Manuel Parejo Moruno
Phone: 89103 – 89172 
– Office number: 135

  • Adaptation to European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
  • Teaching organising plan monitoring.
  • Optional and elective subjects offer monitoring.
  • Academic regulations enforcement.
  • EHEA adapted curricula coordination.
  • Monitoring the recognition process (when possible) resulting of the EHEA implementation.
  • Vice-Dean, Inter-University Affairs
PhD Patricia Milanés Montero
Phone: 86881 – 89150 
– Office number: 128

  • Coordinating cooperation programas between Universities (national and international).
  • Mobility programmes coordination: Erasmus + Studies, Erasmus + Trainship, Sicue, Americampus, Santander Iberoamérica Grado.
  • Project coordination to implement English lecturing in thee Badajoz Business School.
  • Programs dissemination strategy.
  • Program information and support addressed to students and teachers.
  • Guidance, information and help addressed to foreign students.
  • Vice-Dean, Institutional Relations and Traineeships
PhD Luis Marín Hita
E-Mail: vcdecaext@unex.es
Phone: 86509 – 89597 – Office number: 128

  • Institutional Relations.
  • Traineeships internal management.
  • Company recruitment (traineeships).
  • Traineeships design and monitoring inside the EHEA framework (students monitoring through mentoring and companies monitoring in order to assess they fulfill their tasks properly).
  • Settlement, in conjunction with the companies, of the tasks and duties the students should fulfill during the traineeships.
  • Control and monitoring of the agreements between the School and collaborating entities.
  • Job pool.
  • Employment forum scheduling.
  • Officer, Quality Assurance System within the Centre
PhD Pedro Rivero Nieto
E-Mail: privero@unex.es
Phone: 89667 
– Office number: 55
  • Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC) development coordination.
  • SGIC implementation and monitoring.
  • SGIC monitoring reports writing.
  • Quality Handbook within the Centre writing.
  • Quality reports drafts carried out by the Centre writing.
  • Intermediary between the Centre and Quality Vice-Rectorship.
  • Academic Dean and Student Support
PhD Edilberto José Rodríguez Rivero
E-Mail: secretariafacultadeconomicas@gmail.com
Phone: 89152
 – Office number: 130
  • Issuance of academic certificates.
  • Wording of Faculty Boards minutes.
  • Official data transmission (DOE, BOE).
  • Secretariat relationships.
  • Report on the Academic Year drafting.
  • Facilities, Needs program and Funding.
  • Centre Administrator
Mr Juan Cuevas Rodríguez
E-Mail: jcuevas@unex.es
Phone: 924 289518
– Administrative Secretariat
  • PAS (auxiliary and service personnel) heads.
  • Management, coordination and processing derived from administrative procedures regarding students.
  • Accounting and SGIC Budgets.
  • Report writing on statistics within the Centre.
  • Equipment purchasing and works and service contracting.
  • Instituto de Lenguas Modernas (ILM) – Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages.
  • Instituto de Español como Lengua Extranjera (IELE) – Pedagogical Institute of Spanish as a foreign language.
  • Servicio de Bibliotecas – Library service.
  • Unidad de Atención al Estudiante (UAE) – Student Support Service.
  • Sección de Información y Atención Administrativa (SIAA)
  • Information and Administrative service sections.
  • Servicio de Actividades culturales – Cultural Events Service
  • Oficina del Defensor Universitario – University Defence Office.
  • Secretariado de Relaciones Internacionales – International Relations Secretariat.
  • Consejo de Estudiantes – Student Council. • Servicio de Actividad Física y Deporte (SAFYDE) – Physical Activity and Sport Service.